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Doctor Who: Smile Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Doctor Who: Smile finds The Doctor and Bill far in humanity's future where emoji's have become a lot more sinister than just a lazy way to commun...
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Doctor Who The Pilot

Doctor Who: The Pilot Reviewed (SPOILERS)

It's been almost two years since the renegade Time Lord flew his TARDIS into our living rooms. He's finally back, and bringing along a girl named ...
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Stop Motion Sunday: LeFouston: How LeFou Met Gaston

Have you ever wanted to know the backstory of how Beauty and The Beast's infamous duo, LeFou and Gaston, first met? Well look no further. LeFou ...
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Kong Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Kong: Skull Island is the second entry into the recently named Monsterverse. Even though it's part of a larger movie franchise it was important for ...
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Sea Is Blue

Stop Motion Sunday: The Sea Is Blue: A Charming Origin Myth

Like all creation myths, The Sea Is Blue makes no logical sense. But it's undeniably beautiful because of its smooth animation, and the touching ...
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Leatherface's Pool Party

Stop Motion Sunday: Leatherface’s Pool Party

Leatherface's Pool Party takes a fun stab at uniting dozens of classic horror franchises at, well, a pool party at Leatherface's house. Basically a ...
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Stop Motion Sunday: Edmond: Cannibalism’s Soft Side

Cannibalism isn't a topic for everyone. Edmond, however, presents an interesting twist on the concept by portraying the cannibal, or rather ...
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Stop Motion Sunday: BLASTERER: Classic SciFi Throwback

Welcome To Stop Motion Sunday When done right Stop Motion can be completely captivating in it's ability to convey surprising beauty, brilliant ...
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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Spoiler-Free Review

Rogue One had a lot riding on it's success as the first non-episodic Star Wars film. But shifting away from the Skywalker story was a risk worth ...
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Star Wars: The Proper Viewing Order

What is the proper viewing order for the Star Wars movies when seeing them for the first time? The order in which they were released, or when they ...
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