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Empress of Mars

Doctor Who: Empress Of Mars Reviewed (SPOILERS)

The return of the Ice Warriors back in Season 7 was an awesome moment in modern Doctor Who. Bringing them back in Season 10, and expanding on their ...
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Lie of the Land

Doctor Who: The Lie Of The Land Reviewed (SPOILERS)

The aliens have won. Bill gave them what they wanted in order to save The Doctor. After taking the Lie of the Land, it looks like humanity's day ...
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Doctor Who Pyramid

Doctor Who: The Pyramid At The End Of The World Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Pyramids are amazing structures. Near perfect geometry. Fascinating mythology. Thousands of years old... until one just shows up one day! The ...
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Doctor Who: Extremis Reviewed (SPOILERS)

There's a powerful secret deep inside the Vatican, The Extremis, and the Doctor is the only one who can protect it. That is if it's even real! ...
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Doctor Who: Oxygen Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Space suits have had a sordid history in Doctor Who. With or without oxygen, you might be safer staying away from them. Hey, Who Turned Off The ...
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Knock Knock

Doctor Who: Knock Knock Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Knock Knock? Who's There? Doctor... Doctor Who? We apologize for that. But really though, Knock Knock is a cracker of an episode! Knock Knock ...
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When Does Star Wars Rogue One End And A New Hope Begin?

It might seem obvious when Star Wars: Rogue One ends, and A New Hope begins. But there's some disagreement as to when exactly both films run into ...
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Thin Ice

Doctor Who: Thin Ice Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Bill learns it's not all fun and games on the TARDIS. She begins to see who the Doctor really is when he's on Thin Ice, and couldn't care less ...
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Doctor Who: Smile Reviewed (SPOILERS)

Doctor Who: Smile finds The Doctor and Bill far in humanity's future where emoji's have become a lot more sinister than just a lazy way to commun...
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Doctor Who The Pilot

Doctor Who: The Pilot Reviewed (SPOILERS)

It's been almost two years since the renegade Time Lord flew his TARDIS into our living rooms. He's finally back, and bringing along a girl named ...
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