Welcome to 2014! Down with 2013!

I thought it would be interesting to take a moment and dwell on a few technologies that are on their way to the graveyard, thanks to faster, more interesting, and more modern conveniences.

So welcome to the line-up of Dying Technology of 2014!

First up is a wonTomTomdrous gadget we all HAD to have a few years ago: The Car GPS System! Yup, this was a must a few years ago. Before doctors found that new process of grafting phones into our retina. Everyone had to have one, from your Granny, to your cousin, to you!
I even remember my wife and I saving up for one as our first big purchase post-wedding. But now, since our phones are so capable, and many cars even come with these nifty soft-voiced overlords, the day of the stand alone GPS is coming to a close.

AOL DiscSecond, and honestly, I can’t believe this is still going on:
Dial-Up Internet! I need to really stop and think about this one for a second…. I HATED getting these disks in the mail. In high school we just started destroying them each time they came in…. and that was the height of dial-up access for us. Remember the sweet song of the hardware handshake of your U.S. Robotics 56k Speedster modem….
Brrrrrr, be-dong be-dong, bzz bzz bzz BZZ BZZ BZZ… ah, memories.
3% of all Americans still use a dial-up connection for internet access. That’s 9 MILLION people…. I sincerely hope none of you reading this are amongst those damned sad souls…

CanonThirdly, and I didn’t consider this at first: Low-End Digital Cameras
Much like it’s buddy, the dash mounted GPS, the low-end digital camera is a dinosaur watching that fateful meteor streak across the sky… Our phones have come so far that the idea of carrying an SLR Point and Shoot is incomprehensible. This leave two categories of photographers: Those of us who are satisfied with the perfectly fine pics our fantastic phones are capable of, and those who desperately need the newest Canon Rebel…. Many camera manufacturers are actually cutting their low-end lines due to flagging sales(you think?).

Bell PhoneAnd finally, the one that hung on the longest: Land-line Telephones!
This one’s a twosy (or a two-fer?) because, wow… Rotary phone dials?
My kid isn’t even going to understand what a rotary dial is… Let alone spending hours in her room with the phone cord snaked under the door. Many families don’t even keep land-lines anymore. Sure they’re ok in a power outage (only if they are the older plug into the jack kind), but really, who the hell are you talking to during a power outage anyway. Trust me folks, your local power company knows your juice is out, no they don’t know when you’re getting it back.

It’s an exciting world we face in the future. People being transported by tube, dogs that can run for congress, and technology so small and sophisticated it can be implanted under a fingernail by a highly trained ape.
But our sad disappearing buddies up top…. Well, maybe it’s time we just said goodbye to them!

Image Source: [DrDeb][TomTom][NowIKnow][DigitalPhotography][TheMuseum]