Are You a Good Drone or a Bad Drone?

drones goodDrones have taken on a rather negative connotation recently, and not without reason.  Most drones today are used by the military, but recently the government (state and federal) has been chattering about their use for domestic surveillance.  Unfortunately drone technology is tailor made for abuse of power, but drones also have the potential for doing enormous good if put in the right hands. 

Luckily there are good people devising ways for drones to positively impact the lives of people all around the world in many different ways.  Paola Santana, Matternet co-founder, is the visionary in charge not only with establishing a drone network that will bring aid to people in inaccessible areas, but reshape the public’s opinion of drones in the process. 
The plan is to use drones to deliver medicine, supplies, and other necessary goods to places that don’t have roadway access either all the time, or during part of the year when seasonal flooding cuts off all routes.  
“The firm will set up a network of solar-powered charging stations where drones autonomously drop off dead batteries and pick up charged ones. A drone battery that can travel 10 km need not limit the drone itself to 10 km—rather, these drones can theoretically travel the whole network by swapping out batteries.”

Besides the ability to transport needed items to inaccessible areas, this technology could be used for more domestic reasons, such as delivering small goods in urban or suburban areas.  It isn’t too fanciful to imagine business delivering products to customers directly.A drone network might also be used as an emergency triage service that gets to injured people before first responders and begins gathering critical data.  What about using a drone network to coordinate search patterns in disaster areas?  The uses are quite literally infinite!

image source: [exponentialtimes]