It’s been a long while since we’ve seen Goku save the Earth by defeating some super powered bad guy, and the new movie, Battle of Gods, delivers on that.  Battle of Gods takes place after DBZ ended, but before Dragon Ball GT.  What makes it more special than if it was just another movie, is that it is based on original Manga, so it is technically canon.  Basically, the whole movie feels like a fun nostalgic visit from some very old friends.  The movie is exactly what you’d expect from Dragon Ball Z, so there’s no groundbreaking narrative hear.  But where Battle of Gods succeeds is in giving us a classic anime re-tuned with stunning modern animation techniques.

lordbilsThe first half of the movie is basically nostalgia-fest, showing us all the characters we used to love, but haven’t seen in years.  From Fat Buu, to the Great Saiyaman, to Gotenks, it was great fun getting a chance to see all these characters again.  The plot revolves around the villain, Lord Bills, who is the God of Destruction, coming to Earth in search of the legendary Saiyan God, which the feline Lord Bills had a dream about.  Goku eventually transforms into the Saiyan God, distinguishable from normal Goku by a new hair-do!  The presence of Gohan’s unborn child is needed to help the transformation along, and in this way DBZ fans get to enjoy the thought of yet another Saiyan joining the family.

While the animation throughout is classic DBZ style, it has been beautifully upgraded with crisp, vibrant colors and clean lines.  The animation really shines during the fight between Lord Bills and Goku.  DBZ has never looked this exceptional!  Battle of Gods is a great example of successfully “updating” classic anime by being able to maintain the charm of the original, but taking it to a whole new level that seems almost transcendent.  I really can’t get over how much fun this movie was just from the perspective of seeing DBZ all shined up and popping off my screen.

dbz1412In the end Goku saves the Earth and everything goes back to normal.  As far as plot goes, Battle of Gods didn’t really need to beat out any of the previous movies.  While it was a unique story that held up, I don’t think it would have mattered if there wasn’t any plot at all.  It’s hard for me to know if my enjoyment of Battle of Gods is based on anything else besides the sheer awesomeness of getting a new DBZ movie, and to be honest, I don’t really care.  It’s just a great DBZ movie.  If you have fond memories of collecting all those VHS tapes back in the day then you’re going to absolutely love Battle of Gods!

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