Here’s a video of Aimee Copeland, who contracted flesh-eating bacteria which lead to the double amputation of her hands, receiving a cybernetic upgrade!  While the story still comes across as inspirational CNN’s “journalism” feels so saccharine that it actually sours the impact.  I wish they had covered more of the science behind the prostheses, but they probably felt it wouldn’t have “played well” with the viewers.

This is one of those achievements that reshapes the world in a measurable way.  It is just the beginning of a better world for those who could use a new limb.  Advancements like this can lead to other societal improvements, like a lower unemployment rate:  if disabled people suddenly become re-abled, they can re-enter the workforce!  I wish CNN had done more to show the real impact of this technology not only on Aimee Copeland’s life, but everyone’s life.

Whatever, I’m happy that this technology is becoming available (well, that $120,000 price tag for each does stir up some ethical questions) and that the real world impact of modern science is improving ever more people’s lives!