Knock Knock? Who’s There? Doctor… Doctor Who? We apologize for that. But really though, Knock Knock is a cracker of an episode!

Knock Knock brought the scares back to Doctor Who in a fun way by taking the “creepy house that kills” trope in an interesting new direction. The Doctor fights to save Bill, and her new roommates from the creaky old house they’re renting. The property’s caretaker is hiding more than a few secrets, and as Bill’s friends start dying one by one it’s up to her, and the Doctor to unravel the mystery.

Make Sure There’s Room Behind The Couch

DeductionThere aren’t many Doctor Who episodes I’d actually consider “creepy”, but Knock Knock achieves the vibe more than most. Reminiscent of Midnight, and The Empty Child, Doctor Who returns to it’s “hide behind the couch” feel it so often attempts to achieve. The score is actually unnerving at times, and the gags are not too over-the-top to make them feel hokey. Overall, the episode has a good pace that keeps driving through each uncomfortable chill to the next.

Of course it isn’t really the house that’s trying to kill everyone, it’s aliens! It’s always aliens with  Doctor Who, but that’s to be expected. What wasn’t expected was their part in the plot. An old man who would do anything to save his daughter invites young people to rent out his creepy house at a killer price. But the cost of keeping one’s loved one safe proves to be too high for some to keep paying. Not all aliens are inherently bad. Sometimes it’s just what you do with them.

Knock Knock. Who’s There? A Pretty Clever Companion, That’s Who

Bright IdeaYet again Bill holds her own among the annals of companions passed. It’s Bill that deduces the truth of what’s going on inside the house, which brings about the inevitable end to the killings. Never too afraid that her whits dull, Bill continues her strong character growth.

The episode ends with another short visit to the mysterious vault. By the way the Doctor talks to what, or who, is inside, I’m starting to suspect it’s very likely Missy. We know a multi-Master story is fast approaching, and it would be interesting to see what part the Doctor plays in this unprecedented event.

The Best So Far, But There’s Even Better Ahead

Knock Knock was the best episode of Season 10 so far. Granted, it’s only the 4th episode, but the previous three have all been good, not great. The twist at the end was well played, and really felt satisfying. This was a great little episode that brought back the creepy fun Doctor Who is sometimes capable of. With the vault mystery being revealed soon, and the return of two Masters, this season is about to head into hyperdrive!