There’s a powerful secret deep inside the Vatican, The Extremis, and the Doctor is the only one who can protect it. That is if it’s even real!

What Is The Extremis, And Why Is It Locked In The Vatican?

Doctor ReadingBooks are powerful things. Powerful books are dangerous things. The Extremis is a legendary text kept “safe” deep inside the Vatican to keep it out of the hands of those who would use it for evil. The idea of dangerous books is not new, but what the Extremis does is quite interesting. Essentially this episode was a Dan Brown novel mixed with The Matrix.

Everyone who reads this ancient text ends up dying. Nobody knows what’s written inside until the Doctor takes a look. What he finds might be one of the coolest ideas every seen in Doctor Who. The world isn’t real, at least the one the episode takes place in. Neither are the people in it, including the TARDIS crew, and the Doctor himself.

There’s Something Big Coming. Big, And Bad

Missy ExtremisExtremis is the first part in a larger story arc. The Doctor’s blindness, which occurred last episode, carries over here. While part of the plot, it’s not as important as all the new developments. First of all, Missy is back! We see her, and the Doctor, in a situation that results in what should have been Missy’s execution. Instead, the Doctor swears an oath to be her warden. Her prison? The Vault we’ve been seeing at the end of every episode. This reveal was a bit too predictable. Even so, it’s nice to have Missy back. It would have just been more fun for it to be someone, or something else inside the vault.

What is interesting is what part she’ll play in the coming storm. The events of Extremis lay out a path for some sort of alien invasion, possibly the likes of which the Doctor has never seen. At one point the Doctor basically states he might need Missy’s help with whatever is coming, and it’s this that is the episode’s most captivating moment. After all the Doctor, and the Master, have been through, how could the Doctor trust his old friend? Missy is arguably the most unbalanced of all the Master’s iterations, even John Simm’s version. That said, John Simm is returning soon, and the Doctor will have two psychopathic Masters to deal with.

Season 10 Is Finally Coming Together

The Doctor Oval OfficeWith five good episodes before Extremis, Season 10 was pretty good already. Extremis was the episode I’ve been waiting for to make the season really stand out. It was full of interesting plot angels, character moments, and hints at what is going to happen moving forward. I can’t hep but wonder if the Doctor’s regeneration will have to do with this new coming threat, and if Missy, or more versions of the Master, will have a part to play in that battle, and Twelve’s death.

I can envision the end of this season as quite the tear-jerker. Bill is a fantastic addition to the show, and a great companion. Nardole is, well, fairly indescribable, but quite a lot of fun. It isn’t outside the realm of possibility for one, or two companion deaths coinciding with the Doctor’s regeneration. Heck, we might even see the Master regenerate at some point. I hope Extremis was the start of something big. As the half-way point of the season it came at a good time to take Peter Capaldi’s last romp to another level.