Well, holy crap! The first trailer for Doctor Who season 9 is surprisingly good!

Screenshot_162Ok, coming from a fanatical, near embarrassingly-obsessed Whovian, the previous sentence might sound a tad strange. I get that. But when you already have unreasonably high expectations for your favorite show, and the first trailer for its 9th season makes you more excited than you’ve ever been, it’s a strange sensation.

Zygons. Alien cities. Creepy new threats. Missy! All these things would be exciting on their own, but every single image from the trailer portrayed a very dark, very mature Doctor Who that overflows with mystery, threat, and wonder.

And I’m going to call it that Maisie Williams is Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter. Or Susan, his granddaughter. Or, as some before me have suggested, Romana!

I had no doubt that Peter Capaldi would usher in a new age of mature, dark, dangerous Doctor Who, and Season 8 certainly gave us those things. Season 9, however, seems to go even further. Much further!

September 19th can’t come soon enough. Unless I had a TARDIS, then I’d go there right now and watch the premier, then get back in the TARDIS and travel through time and space, back to the 19th to re-watch the premier!