Doctor Who Season 8 is almost here!  The anticipation was excruciating.  The questions were monumental.  The wait was unbearable, but now Whovians everywhere can let out the deep breath they’ve been holding for months!  Who would the 12th Doctor be?  How would everything change?  What direction would Steven Moffat take our beloved show?  Well, if all the released info indicates anything at all it looks like Season 8 is going to be absolutely fantastic!

One of my deepest hopes was that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor would be a much darker, brooding, and mysterious fellow than we have seen in a long while.  While I love all three previous NuWho Doctors, for me it was time the Doctor went back to his roots of being a slightly untrustworthy, right on the edge of menace sort of chap.  It looks as though this is exactly how the 12th Doctor is going to be, and for that I’m more excited for Season 8 to start than I’ve been for any NuWho season to date.

Doctor Who: Series 8: Episode 1And it also appears as though the stories themselves will take on a more heavy and dangerous tone.  Moffat has promised us real consequences await our TARDIS crew, with the full weight of their actions bearing down on them.  I can’t help but wonder, even hope, that we’ll see someone important actually die.  Even if it is someone we’ve yet to meet and grow fond of, it’s time Doctor Who put on its adult Time Lord pants and reintroduce a gravity to the show we’ve not felt in a long while.

Little more can be said of what to expect from Season 8.  All we have are the full list of episode titles, and rather revealing synopsis for each.  I won’t post the synopsis out of respect for even mild spoilerphobes, but I do believe the list of episode names is plenty to intrigue even the most grizzled Whovian.  If you’re not excited for Season 8 than maybe you are the weakest link!  Good bye!

And hello Season 8!!!

  1. Deep Breath
  2. Into The Dalek
  3. Robot Of Sherwood
  4. Listen
  5. Time Heist
  6. The Caretaker
  7. Kill The Moon
  8. Mummy On The Orient Express
  9. Flatline
  10. In The Forest Of The Night
  11. Dark Water
  12. Death In Heaven 

image source: [doctorwhotv]