Doctor Who Season 10 won’t arrive until 2017. When it does Clara Oswald will be but a bittersweet memory. The Doctor will need a new companion lest he lose his mind traveling space and time on his own. He’ll find one in someone named Bill, and she’ll be played by Pearl Mackie.

Pearl Mackie 1A brief introduction of Pearl Mackie as Bill can bee seen in the video below, which aired as a special announcement this passed Saturday. In it we get a glimpse of the Doctor and Bill running away from Daleks. You can’t get more standard than that, but that’s just fine. Some Whovians might be a little soured that we’re going to see Daleks again so soon, but to them I say… get over it!

From what little we can deduce of Bill’s character she’s already incredibly interesting. She spends most of the video asking the Doctor random questions one would expect a bunch of geeks would think up when talking about their fandom… perhaps even Whovians!

Pretty much every new companion goes through a period of confusion and fear when they first get pulled into the Doctor’s life, but Bill seems to be more indifferent by the idea, as if her geek sensibilities have already prepared her for such a crazy thing to happen. Now she’s getting a chance to geek out for real. Pearl Mackie looks like she’s going to bring a charming almost fourth-wall-breaking geekiness to the geekiest show on the planet!

I’m tremendously excited for this new companion to arrive, especially while playing off Peter Capaldi’s gruff, no-time-for-fun Twelfth Doctor. You can see Pearl Mackie’s first ever interview about joining the Whoniverse here. And don’t forget to check out the brief, but fantastic intro below!