On September 19, America was given an opportunity few others had ever been given. Except of course, the rest of the world, who was given it two hours or more earlier in the day. Timey wimey, damned times zones. We saw Missy and Clara get along better than Clara did with the Tardis. We saw Skarro, and the effectiveness of a neighborhood getting together to clean up their city. We saw Davros cry. But mostly, we got several confusing story seeds..
Let’s begin with Missy’s daughter. Surprisingly, this major plot twist seemed to be missed by quite a few people on Twitter. Perhaps because of the shock. Or perhaps because of how Gomez’s beautiful accent confused many Americans. Did she say our, a, my, or indeed daughter? Spoiler alert; Gomez said in an interview Missy admits to having a daughter.
cup of tea 2The exact line, without any accents was:
“Got it in the olden days of Gallifrey, and the Doctor gave it to me when my daughter…”
Well, there’s several ways this could go. Was it a wedding gift from the Doctor to an inlaw? Perhaps a gift to a friend on the birth of a daughter? Perhaps as a gift to a spouse?
My personal theory was that they were husband and wife, with a daughter. Why? Because in the previous episode, Missy pointed to a couple, walking a dog. In explanation for hers, Clara’s and the Doctors relationship. In retrospect, The Master acts like a lover scorned. Thirdly, because Missy’s last words to the Doctor were “It wasn’t me who ran Doctor. That was always you.”
Cannon says Susan is the Doctors grand daughter. But what if the Doctor was a regeneration in and of itself? What if, the Time Lord that became The Doctor, was a Time Lady? And that after regenerating to hide, ran with his Daughter? Probably not. But with all the talk about the Doctor possibly becoming a female, down the road, the possibility can’t be overlooked.
I think this one will be, at least partly solved with the appearance later this season of Maisie Williams. So, let’s move on to the Prophecy.
cup of tea 3Let me preface this part by saying Davros is a whole new level of creepy when he’s being emotional.
Davros speaks of a prophecy in which a master warrior race will be created. Stronger than either half. Specifically,  a combination of two races. Davros believes this hybrid to be Dalek-Time Lord. But, there’s a third possibility.
At the time of the Doctor filling the Daleks with regeneration energy, Clara was imbued with Dalek “organisms”, from being plugged into the tank. But, most likely, all human when she got removed. Human plus Time Lord, like the Meta Crisis. Which would explain perhaps one reason Missy suddenly wanted her destroyed. Something making Clara a danger to her, and perhaps others.
As a final thought, my caveat to being entirely wrong with my theories is the title, and paraphrasing perhaps the most telling line about how the Doctor’s story gets told.
“Where’d I get the tea? Answer; I am the Moffat. Just accept it.”
Guest post by Chris Orton (@HuskerHaHa)