First the Roomba, and now the Noodler?
Alright, maybe not, but the age of robots taking over monotonous chores and jobs is here, and here to stay.  This new Chinese noodle-slicing robot is pretty badass if you ask me.   I tell you right now that if there was a noodle shop near me that had a robot preparing the noodles I’d frequent the joint obsessively.
Actually, I just wish there was a noodle shop near me, period!
What interests me about this, besides the concept of eating food directly prepared by a robot, is how this gives credence to my notion that, in the not too distant future, we’re going to have an even more serious jobs problem on our hands than we do right now.
goobacks_528_posterWith the cost of every aspect of life skyrocketing how can any company in any industry not embrace whatever reliable robot they can get their hands on?  Car manufacturers already employ some of the most sophisticated manufacturing robots in existence.  As dumb as it sounds, why couldn’t the food industry find ways to eliminate its human workers?  Is it hard to imagine entire farms, and slaughterhouses, raising livestock, butchering said livestock, packaging the meat, and sending it off to market?  Couldn’t pharmacies become fully automated?  What about fast food?  Technically, couldn’t all stores eliminate human workers completely, like those self-checkout stations at the supermarket, but on a grander scale?

Alright, the logistics of that is far from anything we can accomplish today, or is it?

What’s going to happen when all the menial service, manufacturing, and task-oriented jobs can be done almost for free by employing robots?  How will any economy, let alone the world economy, survive?
Perhaps solving that problem is what will allow us to take the first step towards becoming a Type 1 civilization, if not in respects to our energy technology, at least in the sense of coming together as a unified advanced species.