Deadpool could have easily been a piece of trash, something stuck to the bottom of Marvel’s shoe after relieving itself from a surprisingly long run of excellent comic-to-film projects. Whereas all of Marvel’s recent movies were obviously meant for the whole family, Deadpool is singularly unique in that it is meant for adults who have sick, twisted humor infecting their bones like the cancer infecting Wade Wilson.

deadpool 1In Deadpool, Marvel found an unexpected balance of vulgarity, violence, and sick humor that perfectly captured the Merc With A Mouth in all his fourth wall-breaking awesomeness. Perhaps most surprising is that Deadpool is actually a pretty standard love story. Merc meets stripper. Merc gets cancer.. everywhere. Merc undergoes experimental treatment which turns him into a gross, but lovable badass who can’t die. Merc gets revenge for being made uglier than the inside of an elephants butt hole. Merc and stripper live happily ever after. The end!

Ryan Reynolds was obviously born to play Deadpool. It’s actually uncanny how great he is in the role. But even more impressive than Reynolds bringing the character to life is how Marvel brought to life a literal joke of a character, and managed to make you care about him, root for him, and laugh WITH him throughout the whole movie. Chock full of references from inside the Marvel universe, as well as from real life, Deadpool is a perfect recreation of the comic nobody thought could ever be made.

deadpool 2Keep in mind, however, that as sadistically adorable as this movie is, it is NOT FOR KIDS! If you’re one of those shitty parents who ignores the clerk’s warning about the MATURE rating on that video game and still buys it for your 8 year-old, then go ahead and take your kid to see Deadpool. But please don’t get all sanctimonious on the rest of us for finding out too late what we already know: not all comics are for kids, and neither are all movies… especially R-rated ones.

Deadpool has blood, guts, cursing, boobs, dick jokes, and one of the creepiest dismemberment regeneration scenes ever put on film. In short, Deadpool is probably the most purely fun Marvel movie they’ve ever made.  It’s everything you wanted to see but never thought possible. Go see it.

It’s the perfect date movie!