Darth Maul never had a chance in Episode I, but issue #1 of his new Marvel comic gives him a shot at becoming one of the more interesting Star Wars characters.

Darth Maul could have been a great villain from his first (and at that point, only) appearance.  But giving him no substance, and killing him at the end of the movie was a total waste. There was so much hype over a new mysterious Sith, but we never even got a chance to love him or hate him. But over the years Darth Maul has received a lot more development through the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series. What was once a one-dimensional curiosity has become a powerful behind-the-scenes force that shaped the lives of many other characters, as well as shaped the galaxy in more ways than one.

The True Menace Of Darth Maul

Darth Maul #1 rathtarDarth Maul #1 sees the Sith apprentice on a rathtar hunt. We get to see a truly cunning, independent, and ambitious Sith. He slays the rathtars with ease, completely bored by the challenge. He yearns for a bigger, better test of his skills. Aside from the great panels depicting Maul’s slaughter, an apprentice by rathtars is a great way to link the Star Wars universe with something never before seen until Episode VII, and something set even before Episode I.

Free From The Bonds Of His Master

Darth Maul #1 starfighterHungry to prove himself against the Jedi, Darth Maul yearns to be loosed from the bounds his master places on him. Maul does not want to wait for his master’s plans to take shape. He is too hungry to take on the Jedi. His independence and ambition are a train that makes Maul truly menacing. He’s so much more than a weapon of his Master. Rather, he is a double-edged sword (lightsaber?) that is equally dangerous to his foes, as well as his teacher. When word comes to him of a Jedi padawan that he might get his hands on, the opportunity intrigues him enough to take action against his master.

Darth Maul Finally Steps Into The Light

Darth Maul #1 is a promising start to what could be a great Star Wars tale. I love the idea of seeing even just a glimpse of his journey towards Sith Master. The premise of Darth Maul hunting a Jedi padawan is completely new, and a tantalizing idea. The dehumanizing nature of the act makes Maul more terrifying than he’s ever been. Exploring the depth of his darkness could prove to elevate Maul to new heights. He may yet stand along side Darth Vader as truly badass Masters of the Sith.