What if you could literally build your own phone?  Imagine being able to create your own customized personal device with all sorts of different functionality modules.  How would it end up looking?  What would it be able to do?  If Motorola has anything to say about it, fully customizable modular phones might be the wave of the future, and they’re not the only one
Being able to design your own personal device is a very interesting prospect, and I didn’t say “phone” because technology like this opens up the way for phones to become even more than they are today.  Modern mobile phones are already far more than their name suggest, they’re music and video players, app platforms, and personal social hubs, but why stop there?   What if I want a microscope attachment?  A portable data storage module?  How about a breathalyzer?  
modular phoneThe possibilities are limitless, probably because nobody can conceive of the full potential for such a device just yet.  It’s possible that this technology could allow for a new class of “devices” being developed by all sorts of industries.  Any professional could design unique devices tailored to their needs.  Having reached the limits of what you can get a mobile device to do, the next step is adding functionality that relies on more than just a camera and a touchscreen.  The next step is having your phone, or “device”, actually do more.
While I think this technology has limits at the general consumer level, since most people are really just looking for a newer, shinier version of the phone they already have, I think the real potential is in the creation of a whole new industry of customizable mobile handheld gadgets.  Or, more accurately, a whole new device that could become ubiquitous to daily life, just as smart-phones are now.  In the near future it might be commonplace to see professionals from all walks of life pulling out their fully customized “PCD”, or Personal Custom Device.

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