Have a hankering for some Geek art, but you just can’t find what you’re looking for?  Well Citizen Nerd can meet all your geek art requests, no matter the subject?  In fact, they want you to tell them exactly what you want!

Citizen Nerd specializes in taking custom orders from anyone looking to liven up their homes with artwork celebrating all fandoms.  From Doctor Who, to Firefly, to anime, to comic books, to Lord of the Rings.  Anything that gets your geek on can be made into a great piece of unique custom art.

Working primarily in paint and etchings, Citizen Nerd’s art pieces are the perfect size to fill any space that needs a little something extra, or to create some really unique wall art with several themed pieces hung together.  If you’re home needs some geeking up, they’ve got the artwork you’ve been looking for.  Just think something up, ask politely, and you’ll be completely satisfied with your own piece of unique custom geek art.  From now on all your favorite hobbies are potential artistic creations from Citizen Nerd!

Citizen Nerd 1

Citizen Nerd 2

citizen nerd 12