With news of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast receiving the TV treatment (after only a handful of issues, mind you) I got to thinking which other recent comics deserve to have their own shows.

Screenshot_145The October Faction – IDW Publishing

Imagine a darker, grittier Addams Family who fight paranormal baddies. Having recently finished its first story arc, The October Faction is now fleshed out enough to see how full of potential this book is. Sardonic whit, clever characters, and a beautiful macabre art style, this comic would be fantastic on screen. I can see an FX interpretation being especially successful.

parallel manParallel Man – FutureDude

Parallel worlds in the style of Sliders, but on a much larger scale. If the U.S. Government found a way to visit these parallel worlds, what do you think they’d do with that power? Exactly right! That’s what Parallel Man is about, and it is a perfect story to bring to life with fantastic visuals, varied set design, and intriguing alter-character interactions. Oh, and did I mention Carl Sagan? That’s important…

Screenshot_146Copperhead – Image Comics

New Sheriff in town. Single mom. Ass kicker. space western a la Firefly, set in Defiance. This is one of my favorite comics right now because it feels so familiar. There’s something bubbling under the surface of this story that hasn’t yet revealed itself, but it already has the makings of a classic, and a story that could easily make it on the SyFy channel in the Fall lineup!

wytches 2Wythces – Image Comics

Dark. Very Dark. Gruesome. Lots of fear, and very personal. Wytches is a book that has lots of emotion dripping from every manic page. Revolving around a girl who is pulled into a horrifying world of promises and blood debts, each panel makes you feel vulnerable to assault by something hiding at the edge of the shadows. It’s an intensely atmospheric story that would give a real good scare to a lot of addicted viewers.

Screenshot_147Cluster – BOOM! Studios

A young woman suffers a tragedy of her own making, and is whisked away by her politician father to avoid the consequences. The alternative to justice? Serving in the all-convict space marines. Now on another world, fighting for her life, she learns the realities of what Humanity is doing to make room for itself in the galaxy. A Starship Troopers-esque prison drama with with galactic political undertones, or something like that. Hard to classify, but lots of potential for live action domination.