The Cubli is a fascinating robotic cube that has recently been developed in Zurich. It consists of a 6 inch metal frame cube which contains three fly-wheels, three DC motors, a few motor controls, a battery, a couple position sensors, and some clever clever smarts!

So what, you say? Well Cubli is so intelligent and intuitive it can use the energy stored in a spinning fly-wheel, coupled with the fast braking of it’s DC motors to transfer that kinetic energy into movement!

What what? In layman’s terms, the Cubli is able to toss itself up onto an edge, balance itself there, then demonstrate a controlled fall into a new position. When you couple those three abilities together you get a 6 inch cube that can walk!

The Cubli is even intelligent enough to take in changes in it’s wobble and redirect motor control to maintain balance. So if you poke it, it doesn’t fallover!

This weeble wobbles, but doesn’t fall down! It’s an amazing step forward in artificial balance and control!

Check out the video below:


Image Source: [i-programmer]