Worf_(mirror)It looks as though Michael Dorn, Star Trek’s Lieutenant (and later, Commander) Worf might be trying to bring a new Star Trek series to our screens.  With scripts written, studios approached, two successful new movies, and a ravenous fan base that would support a new show with the same fervor as a religious group, there is at least now a reason to hope that we might be getting a new Star Trek series

The only thing that concerns me is that this proposed new series would center on “Captain” Worf.  To be honest, besides the occasional hilarious line such as “Good tea, nice house”, Worf just never really piqued my interest.  While he was something of a cardboard character early in The Next Generation, he was fleshed out more towards the end of TNG’s run.  Worf found a new home, and arguably a much better course of development, on Deep Space Nine.  I’m just not sure that a series with Worf as the main character is the best idea.  But if it was structured like all Star Trek series, where the focus is generally spread across a “main” crew of several characters, there wouldn’t be as much reliance on Worf.

Worf2395I’ve long desired a Star Trek series focused not around Starfleet, but from another perspective.  A new series could be set on a Ferengei cargo transport and fans would be glued to their screens, but if anything might help reinvigorate a new generation of fans, it might be a change of setting.  The Klingons have always been wildly popular amongst Trekkies (yeah, that’s the correct term!) and are probably one of the most recognizable aspects of Star Trek to casual fans and those who know nothing about Star Trek at all. Centering a new series around Worf, and perhaps focusing on the Klingon perspective moreso than the Starfleet perspective, this could be the different, but essentially same Star Trek we’ve been waiting for.

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