OK…. It’s not REALLY conspiracy theory time. We don’t actually believe in all that malarkey. You know, the Loch Ness Monster, the Theory of Atlantis, Out-of-Body Experiences… yada yada. Or do we? No, I’m just kidding, or am I?

So seriously, or as serious as I can get on this topic. I’m going to be embarking on a series of posts that delve into the crazy theories (hypotheses, would be a better term) that some folks have come up with for icons in our pop culture lexicon! No I won’t be pre-empting all my normal posts, but every few weeks or so, I’d like to take an opportunity to try and blow your geeky little minds!

So here we go!

Pinky and the Brain! It is suggested by some shrewd and interesting parties on the interwebs the Pinky is the Genius, and the Brain is INSANE!!!

Pinky and BrainSo for everyone who doesn’t know (roll back the rock, folks) Pinky and the Brain is a 90’s cartoon about two lab mice, The Brain, a “genius” with a Machiavellian complex and an Orwellian voice who comes up with fantastically complicated plans to take over the world each night, but is ultimately thwarted by his “nimrod” side-kick, Pinky. The plots repeat ad nauseam, Brain makes a plan, Brain gets most of the way into completing his plan coming within moments of achieving world domination, Pinky throws a monkey-wrench into the gears. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.


But what if Pinky was secretly the smart one and Brain the idiot, despite what their names and the size of their heads would Pinky and Brain Themesuggest? This theory from the Looney Tunes Wiki is based entirely on the fact that the show’s theme song states “one is a genius, the other insane,” but doesn’t specify which is which. Also, you know, Pinky’s name is first.

So why is it a strong possibility? Well firstly, Brain IS clearly a lunatic. He spend every night attempting to overthrow the world. Right off the bat, thats textbook behavior defined by insanity…. But what about the idiot? Could he really be the brains behind the operation? Apparently, yeah!

You only need to watch a random episode to realize that Pinky is at least the guiding light of the show. Most of the train wrecks follow this path: 1) Brain comes up with a plan; 2) Pinky makes a relevant observation, but Brain ignores it; and 3) Pinky turns out to be right, Brain fails.

Furthermore, on multiple occasions, Pinky is shown to be reading, while Brain (as evidenced in the jeopardy episode, can barely write his own name! Some genius! and some idiot!

But the most conclusive evidence arises in the episode “That Smarts” where Brain makes a graph to show what the cause of all his failures are, initially the graph appears to be Pinky’s face. So what does Brain do? He designs a “Smart Machine” to increase Pinky’s intelligence. The machine leaves Pinky EXACTLY the same. Is it because A) Pinky is already a genius?, or B) Brain is an idiot and can’t actually build a machine to do this? or C) BOTH!

Brain GraphWe come to find out that Pinky finds a flaw in Brain’s calculations and the graph rearranges to display Brain’s face! Brain is the cause of all his own failures! Because Pinky is the Genius, while Brain is simply…. insane…

Whew…. That was kind of emotionally draining. Is it probable? Maybe not, But is it possible? POSSIBLY!