I have absolutely no idea what model cell phone I have.  I know it’s a Samsung, but that’s the extent of it.  And if I’m being perfectly honest, I couldn’t care less!

My phone is at least two years old.  I think.  It’s probably more like three, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a few more months on it.  In terms of modern technology, especially phones, that’s ancient, and yet I just don’t care.  It technically works fine.  I can use Facebook and Twitter without issue, along with a bunch of other apps and games I poke at throughout the day.  As far as I’m concerned, I don’t need a new phone.

angry-cell-phone-400x359There are a few issues of unreliability, if you will.  There’s this annoying thing that happens fairly often when I respond to a text.  When I poke the box to respond it doesn’t always go to the person who I’m trying to respond to.  Sometimes it’ll open a text box in a dialogue stream from someone I haven’t texted in weeks!  It has lead to some confusing, often embarrassing exchanges.

Then there’s the issue with downloading the latest games.  I can’t!  I wanted to play the new Doctor Who game but it doesn’t even show up in my App Store.  For a while I was confused as to why, until a few more of the newest games I wanted also didn’t show up.  From what I can deduce it’s because my phone probably can’t run those games so they don’t even register as an option when I look for them.  That’s a little annoying…

The time my phone factory-reset itself was interesting.  The phone jumped out of my hand—I swear!—and landed right on the hard tiled floor.  Picked it up and saw it was off.  It eventually restarted in some bizarre “safe mode” I hadn’t seen before (and trust me, I’ve seen several variations on that theme).  When I got it to turn on completely everything was gone.  No apps, no contacts, no pics, no nothing!  I couldn’t even make a call.  Somehow that tumble it took made the phone like it was right out of the box.  A quick visit to my provider and everything was all straightened out, although I did have to re-download all my apps and re-enter a bunch of contacts.  The kicker is that now it runs far better than it has in years!

Iron_Man_3aThe latest issue has to do with the charging port.  It wiggles more than I think a charging port should.  Working in electronics, I’ve got a pretty good suspicion that some/most of the solder joints connecting the port to the board have broken.  But I found that if I turn the phone on its side and create some tension by balance it on the charging chord, it will charge just fine.  Except for when the battery icon shows that it’s charging.  Then it doesn’t seem to take a charge.  I just jiggle it a bit to make it look like it’s not charging, and then it charges fine.  Problem solved.

This little expose on my cell phone madness was suggested by a friend of mine at work.  The G-Man has listened to me rage about my phone for many moons, often suggesting ways to best improve the situation.  I could get a new phone.  After all, I’m so overdue for an upgrade I could probably get two free phones.  He’s also made the point that I could get an iPhone.  I told him to never again speak such blasphemy in my presence!

So why don’t I just go get a new phone, especially since I could probably pick up a pretty nice one for no cost?  I have no idea.  I’ve got nothing against technology.  In fact I love it.  I’m a huge proponent of modernization in every aspect of life.  I’d love a new fancy phone, but I won’t get one until the one I have crumbles to dust in my hands.  I would rather deal with the annoyances and lack of functionality than go to the store and get a new one.  Maybe I’ll upgrade when they finally make a comm chip that gets implanted in your skull.  Maybe…

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