At its most basic level Kaptara is about a group of explorers from Earth who crash on a strange planet far from home. Finding themselves split up after the crash, the story basically follows the main character, Keith, as he tries to find a way to get back to Earth. The adventure he ends up going on is nothing short of a Seussian bath salt hallucination. Addiction ensues…

kaptara 2Literally everything about Kaptara screams “pick me up and let me tickle your eyeballs”, but if there’s one thing that stands out it has to be the surprising humor that often elicits sudden bursts of head-shaking laughter. It’s a strange dry wit that is just plain hilarious at times, while occasionally it just results in delightful awkwardness.

Kaptara’s dialogue is exceedingly lucid. It feels completely natural, despite how absurd some of it actually is. Apart from Keith, pretty much every character might be insane, and the dialogue conveys this sense mania with effortless banter. There isn’t a single balloon that feels crowded or wasted. Although many seem full of silly gas!

kaptara 3The art style is bold, bordering on psychedelic, but always with outstanding control. The colors don’t just pop off the page, they glow, and maybe pulsate if you stare at them for too long. The images themselves, the beasties, the beauties, and the barbarians alike, are all completely as unique and they are demented. Everything begs a second, and often third look because the first look didn’t quite register.

The general feel of Kaptara is something along the lines of He-Man, Conan, Yellow Submarine, and a dirty magazine all donating to a fertility clinic, and somehow all ended up blending into some insane, yet ultimately charming offspring from the depths of space.

Seriously though, Kaptara stands up along side any of the top comics right now. It’s a complete package with fantastic art, and a solid story that keeps you turning the pages… until you run out, and you have to wait for the next issue, but you’re jonesing hard because they may have soaked the pages in LSD, and that’s OK because cat tanks!