Netflix’s animated Castlevania series is an blood-soaked romp through 80s Nintendo Nostalgia.  It’s a perfect recreation of what every kid playing the Castlevania games imagined as they fought through blisteringly difficult levels of perfect side-scrolling 8-bit action.

If You Ever Played Castlevania, Great. If not, Do You Love Anime?

Gothic, bloody, fantasy. If you know anything about the Castlevania series of games, you know what to expect from this series. The classic story of a Belmont questing to defeat Dracula is the foundation of this series. But the series builds on the games’ mythology, offering a story very well suited to the series format.

Castlevania DraculaAfter suffering the loss of his wife at the hands of the church, Dracula enacts his revenge against with a hellstorm of death. The story of Trevor Belmont’s involvement in fighting Dracula’s hordes is simple, but remains interesting. A cast of supporting characters help build a compelling narrative that drives the story forward.

The anime style is perfect for the bloody violence needed to do the Castlevania series justice. The mix of Vampire Hunter D, and Ninja Scroll makes the story jump to life in a very pleasing way. The show just looks really good. This series is absolutely made for adults, with language slung as unabashedly as the bloodshed. Anything less than Rated-R would have been unauthentic.

Castlevania was made for adults who played these games as kids. It’s a fun adventure story that makes you want to turn on your NES, and punish yourself with some classic retrogaming. When Belmont takes out his whip for the first time there’s an undeniable sense of childhood joy.

So What If You Have No Prior Knowledge Of Castlevania?

Castlevania Trevor BelmontCastlevania is good enough on its own to not require any knowledge of the games for maximum enjoyment. While I played the games, and remember them fondly, I barely remember the story. If you’re looking for a well made anime series that delivers in the gore department, while providing a compelling story, Castlevania is for you.

It’s only 4 episodes totaling just 100 minutes, but a second season has already been green-lit. I’m glad we’re going to get more. It can’t be all that expensive to make, and if they keep to the ultra-short seasons this is a show that may be around for a long time. I think it’s well worth investing your time. Whether new to the series or not, you’ll be hooked.