I can’t even come close to articulating how much I respect Carl Sagan.  I watched his show Cosmos, which first aired in 1980, many many times as a child.  Later I acquired the DVD box set, and have even watched a few episodes on Netflix when I’m feeling nostalgic. 

Carl Sagan’s genius was not in his own understanding of the universe, but with his ability to get others to understand complex ideas with the simplicity of teaching someone to play Candy Land!  His lyrical dialogue was enchanting in a way that was both joyous and fatefully prophetic.
When I first heard rumblings of a new Cosmos being made for this generation I was more than ecstatic, primarily because the rumored new host was someone I respect as much as I do Carl Sagan.  Neil deGrasse Tyson is this generation’s Carl Sagan, hands down.  I don’t want to do either man an injustice by trying to compare them, so, suffice it to say that the only person who deserves the privilege of hosting a new series of Cosmos, and could even remotely do it justice, is Neil deGrasse Tyson. 
I am so eagerly anticipating this new series that I think its time to re-watch the original.  Below are two of my favorite segments from the original Cosmos, hosted by the incomparable Carl Sagan.