With rumors of DC putting out a series of new films, the news of a Justice League movie is more than enough to get fans very excited.  But there is still the question of whether or not DC can actually compete with Marvel at the movies game?

iron-man-4When it comes down to it, DC is already late to the party, at least as far as the last five years.  They’ve had success with the Batman franchise, but even that fizzled out with a broken-voice-boxed Bane.  While Man of Steel was a surprisingly good re-boot of the Superman mythos, that’s really all DC’s got going for it as far as movies go.

Marvel has produced so many successful movies that it’s actually hard to count them all.  And now, with The Avengers, Marvel has created a massive anchor point for even more film franchises.  And then there’s Agents of SHIELD.  A show that started slow, SHIELD has picked up and become one of the most gripping shows on TV, rife with potential crossovers and  origin stories that just add to the already established movie catalog.  And on top of that, Marvel is about to unleash Guardians of the Galaxy onto the wider movie-going audience.  When it comes down to it, Marvel has figured out how to do their intellectual properly silver screen justice!

While Batman vs. Superman is still a ways off, Justice League is set to compete with  The Avengers 2, a pretty tall order.  While these super hero movies are going to get comic fans into theaters, there is also the hope of drawing in general movie-goers as well.  The risk is that a Justice League movie might feel like an Avengers rip-off at that point? At least to casual fans? At this point most movie goers are quite familiar with Marvel’s superheros, and the actors who play them.  With DC, they’re going to have to re-boot Green Lantern by then, as well as do a  fantastic job of casting other major characters.  DC is looking at a completely untested palate of superheroes, aside from Superman.

NEmP3rrbG3eppn_1_1DC could use their highly anticipated Batman origins show, Gotham, as a rallying point for Justice League, but centering the entire DC universe around a twenty-something Batman doesn’t sound promising.  A bit too Tween-TV for my taste.  Arrow is wildly popular, and has introduced several popular DC characters to the live action playground, so at least there is an established TV base for DC to work off of.  But will they go in the same direction as Marvel and use their TV series to link together their major motion pictures?

You can make the argument that DC may come out on top of the TV wars once Gotham gets going, but as it stands now, the DC universe has a long way to go just to catch up to the Marvel movie juggernaut.  If they want to see the same resounding success as Marvel, DC is going to have to come up with an impressive plan of their own.  

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