When last we visited the mining ship, Caliban, we witnessed a moment of treachery…maybe.  But what seems like a betrayal to one of the Caliban’s crew, we the reader know it to be an alien impostor.  And as the rest of the Caliban’s crew go about securing what relative safety they can, what do all those dead aliens mean, and how will the impostor fit into it all?

The rest of the crew happen upon their fallen–with bashed in head–comrade, and try to make sense of who could have done it by doing a little investigating.  At the same time, the alien ship suddenly starts talking to the Caliban.  Unbeknownst to the Caliban’s crew, it might have something to do with that impostor/murderer fiddling around with some alien tech.

caliban issue 4 murder - Google SearchAs the crew are looking for the killer, one of their own comes into contact with the impostor.  After a bit of a quarrel, which results in the impostor taking a beating that should have killed any normal person, he mysteriously heals his wounds.  This time the rest of the crew hear the murder right over the comm, and as their trying to regroup, they start getting picked off one by one.

At this point Caliban is following a pretty standard Alien-style plot.  But there’s enough unique twists to keep the story interesting.  Finding out that the impostor is “testing” the crew of the Caliban to see how much they can take adds a real element of menace and fright to the story.  It’s still completely unclear as to what is going on and where the story is headed, but in this 3rd issue we’ve gotten the most interesting advancement of the story yet.  With the story finally picking up I’m more eager for issue #4 than I’ve been at any point previously.  Hopefully we get something really nasty to sink our teeth into next time around!

image source: [avatarpress]