Issue #1 left off with things picking up aboard the dreary Caliban, but not in a good way  The mining ship  and its crew encountered something while traveling through warp in deep space.  Something is definitely wrong, however, as whole chunks of the ship have been replaced by…another ship.  Unfortunately some of the Caliban’s crew were in the wrong place and time as they’ve been “merged” with the intruding vessel!

Nomi, the woman’s whose nihilistic diary entries in issue #1 provided us with some back story, finds herself exploring the Caliban, trying to make sense of what’s happening.  Soon it becomes clear that she’s been moving through not only her ship, but the recently appeared one as well.  When she happens on countless horrible, yet preserved lifeforms, she begins to realize what horrors are awaiting humanity in the deepest reaches of unexplored space.

20140508-193606What remains of the Caliban’s crew gathers to figure out their next course of action.  The plan is to secure what can be secured of the Caliban–which as it turns out, isn’t much–and seal off any breeches where the air is escaping.  One crew member has a moment of clarity amidst the chaos, and realizes that this is humanity’s first encounter with anything alien.  This epiphany isn’t appreciated much as there are other, more pressing concerns.

The issue ends with what at first looks like a betrayal.  One of the crew attacks another, but the attacker isn’t quite acting right.  Perhaps its not just the horrible aliens they can actually see that is the greatest threat to the Caliban’s surviving crew.

Issue #2 explored more of the situation the crew has found themselves in, but still hasn’t afforded any answers.  There was a lot of post-incident chatter, with everyone coming to terms with what’s happening, and setting a course of action to try and improve the situation, but other than that, nothing much happened.  The twist at the end, where a betrayal looks to be something more sinister, is the only real point of interest in the issue.  That the creatures the crew found appear to be dead and preserved is intriguing, and enough of a mystery to keep you wondering what the next issue might hold.

image source: [avatarpress] [nothingbutcomics]