Gamer-Food-Caffeinated-Energy-SnacksI’ll admit that if I don’t get my morning coffee before work I’m Mister Cranky-Pants just like everyone else, so don’t think I’m being a hypocrite when I say that something is definitely wrong with our increasingly caffeinated society.  Case in point, the caffeinated toothbrush!

Colgate has filed for a patent detailing a technology that would allow them to infuse toothbrushes with various chemicals that would be release upon contact with a person’s mouth.  One of those chemicals happens to be caffeine.  Oh yes, now you can brush your teeth with a caffeinated toothbrush to hold you over on the way to pick up that 64-oz extra dark Colombian roast with a “caffeine shot” chaser just for an extra kick!
aeroshot facebookWhat could be more silly than a caffeinated toothbrush?  I’m glad you asked.  In the patent Colgate listed caffeine as a “homeopathic teething or inflammation soothing additive.”  I don’t think I need to say anything more about that…

Our society has become obsessed with stimulants disguised as everyday foodstuffs such as energy drinks, popcorn, chocolate (which happens to already contain caffeine), gum, even Cracker Jacks! Its almost like saying “Hey, life is hard, so just use this handy-dandy stimulant to wash away the lethargy and get back out there champ!”  And if caffeinated food isn’t enough why not pick up an Aeroshot caffeine inhalant system that blasts caffeine directly into your lungs!  

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