We have truly forgotten the joy of entertaining science-oriented educational television programs. Maybe I’m just naive of how many people actually watched shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy back in the day, but I sure did. Not just for the sake of learning about the world, but because the programs happened to be fun as heck. Come on, Beakman’s World was like intelligent bath salts for kids!

Screenshot_139Shows like Billy Nye the Science Guy, Beakman’s World, and 3-2-1 Contact, aimed not only to entertain kids, but to rekindle the natural-born scientists in every kid that inevitably gets beaten out over a course of cookie-cutter childhood education. Bill Nye the Science Guy was the first place I ever encountered the notion that everyone is born a scientist, and over time, that urge to discover is either forcibly removed, or slowly, subtly fades away. Kids want to learn, even if they don’t know it, and I learned far more from Billy Nye the Science Guy than I did from anywhere else.

It is sort of odd, and totally random that Billy Nye the Science Guy popped up on Netflix recently, but I’m glad it did. It’s still the funny, clever, engaging, and wonderfully educational show I couldn’t wait to watch when I got home from school. Think about that, what parent would tell their kids they can’t watch purely educational TV? It’s where I learned all the foundational knowledge about the world because it reinforced, and re-ignited the boring, monotonous droning that went on at school.

It has been great watching this show again, but I’d love to see other kids educational TV from my childhood show up for a new generation to enjoy. So until Beakman’s World pops up on Netflix, at least you can enjoy the perfect embodiment of childhood wonder, scientific inquiry, and plucky entertainment known as Bill Nye the Science Guy.