It turns out The Doctor was wrong about the global decline of Earth’s bee populations. It actually has nothing to do with bees—and hornets, and wasps—returning to Melissa Majoria. In actuality, it might just be that another Terran species is turning bees into zombies to do their bidding!

According to a bit of new research, the female of a species of fly lands on a hapless worker bee going about its pollen picking duties for the colony.The sinister femme fatal then proceeds to inject her eggs into a soft space between the bee’s hard segments.The bee goes off to the hive unsuspectingly, until it’s time for the eggs to hatch, wherein the bee starts to lose its mind, flee the hive, drop dead, and deliver more of these creepy flies into the world.Now, if I might follow a tangent for a moment: this lady fly searches out another girl bug to inject with her load of life stuff, a decidedly male-like act.And humans think they’ve got sexuality figured out…
Apparently, one of the alternate theories of the bees’ behavior is that in leaving the hive the doomed bee is trying to save its brothers and sisters—and Her jelly-oozing Majesty—the same gruesome fate.I find that hard to believe, because we all know that bees are socialist, and therefore don’t think for themselves, right?Just kidding!
In any event, this discovery simply highlights what we already know about nature: there are some scary organisms out there, and some of them can turn other organisms into zombies.This gives me hope that one day, if the universe is merciful, I’ll wake up to breaking news on CNN that the zombie apocalypse is upon us and I don’t have to go to work that day.
Also, I like to think that Wolf Blitzer ended up as a zombie.Really, isn’t he already?
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