If you’re a fan of science fiction and alcohol you’ve probably imagined yourself in more than a few SciFi Bars scattered across space and time. The atmosphere, the patrons, the purple liquor… With all the watering holes across the universe, here’s our top 5 SciFi Bars!

Mos Eisley Cantina

Mos Eisley CantinaIt might be a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but who wouldn’t like to sit at a little table in the corner while enjoying some fermented bantha milk, and waiting for a lucrative smuggling opportunity to walk in the door?  This seediest of scifi bars features libations of questionable cleanliness, as well as a host of unsavory patrons, a few violent outbursts are common. The music is toe-tapping, the bar fights finish quickly, and you can’t beat the value when you’re looking to beat the heat while staying under the Imperial radar.


quark's barWhile the Enterprise’s “Ten Forward” might be the most iconic scifi bar in all of Star Trek, it’s hardly the most interesting. Quark’s bar on the former Cardassian Space Station “Deep Space Nine” offers a far more exciting view of two quadrants at either end of the bar. As well as having a variety of gambling opportunities, and tantalizing holosuite programs, there’s simply no end to the different species stopping by for a stiff space cocktail. And just as Cheers had the famous Norm, Quark’s has the notorious, Morn!

The Royale

Killjoys The RoyaleWhether your thirsty for a lucrative contract, or a drink with some hair on it,  you might find more than you’re looking for in this gritty scifi bar. Frequented almost exclusively by Killjoys, you better be on the job or you’ll have a tough time getting in.  Owner, operator, and part-time mysterious ass-kicker, Pree, is quick with a pour and a chaser of wisdom. If you do get in be on the lookout for some light roughhousing with a small chance of full-blown gunfight.

End of Line Club

Tron End of LineTron: Legacy is sexy as hell. The sleek lines, the neon LEDs accented on everything; it’s basically the coolest looking scifi bar ever created. The End of Line Club inside is the swankiest spot around, complete with a proprietor who revels in giving his patrons a great time. What’s even better than the ambiance? How about Daft Punk headlining every night? Pop some psychedelics, crack open a fizzy digital brew, and let the beat drop you into oblivion.


Defiance NeedWantHooch, hookahs, and hookers. The three pillars of scifi bars. Life on Earth after the Pale Wars isn’t very nice, but at least the good people of Defiance have a hole in the wall to call their own. When the rigors of scavenging, and surviving in the wastelands get too great, strong drinks, cool smoke, and hot companions are always available. Sure there might be out-of-towners making trouble, or pesky government officials trying to take over the town, but for a place to kick back and enjoy what little there is left of civilization, the NeedWant can’t be beat.