Everyone’s had one: that overbearing jerk who thinks berating you with insults and put-downs will somehow increase your productivity.  Or maybe they just take pleasure in watching you squirm beneath the weight of their authority.  They were probably bullies as kids, and they’re bullies now.  They make your day miserable, your job unbearable, and inspire hate, fear, anger, and rage with just that smug face of theirs!
horrible bossesIt turns out your crappy boss makes everyone’s life miserable, not just you.  Recent research suggests that verbal and mental abuse by bosses doesn’t just affect the target of that abuse, but can actually cause symptoms of abuse in those not targeted and bring down the morale of the entire office
According to the study, those who witness such abuse, hear about it directly from the abused, or learn of it through rumor, are likely to feel the effects of the abuse themselves and have negative feelings towards that boss, and the company in general.
That insufferable jackass really is screwing up the company after all!  

image source: [movieclips]  [guardian]