Australi, the graphic novel inspired by Australia’s history and Aboriginal mythology, succeeded on Kickstarter a few months ago. It’s almost finished, and Geek Trench got an early look before its release.

Australi Is A Classic Story Told Anew

australi-12Australi was recommended to Geek Trench as a project we might like to support. Turns out, it was. The art beautiful, and the story is uniquely mysterious. The setting, and mythology will be new to most readers but the underlying story is an enduring classic. When people find need of a hero, one often rises to meet their need. At it’s core Australi is about a reluctant boy finding strength within himself, his people, and their history.

Seeing Is Believing

Full of enthralling colors, organic lines, and a sense of inner light that brings every panel to life, this graphic novel is a pleasure on the eyes. Essentially a fantasy story, the fantastical imagery blends perfectly with the harsh landscape of the Australian desert. Comparing Australi to anything else is difficult as it’s setting is refreshingly original.  Ferngully is the only point of reference. Australi’s creators have even said was an influence on their style. This book, however, stands on its own as something truly unique.

Was It Worth It?

australi-13The biggest risk in supporting a Kickstarter project (and promoting it) is the final product being less than one had hoped for. With Australi our concerns were completely unwarranted. I have only seen the first issue, but I am enthusiastic about the rest of the book. I really want to know what happens to our new hero, Maloo. How will he become the hero his people need? Will he succeed in defending his home? Just who/what is that fuzzy flying bat creature I want as a pet?

Australi will ship around the beginning of November. The creators plan to start pitching the movie by the end of the year. Yeah, you read that right!