Magic, pirates, and monsters set in a fantasy Australia? I’m sure you’ve never heard of such a thing, because I hadn’t, until I found Australi. A fantasy graphic novel set in an alternate Australia, Australi is now on Kickstarter, and needs help becoming a reality.

I had the opportunity to speak with Australi’s creators and get a little more insight into Australi’s origins, and plans for the future.

When creating a film we draw the film shot by shot to find effective story telling beats. We found the process for writing a comic very similar but gave us a lot more freedom.

The minds behind Australi are already accomplished filmmakers, but bringing a lush fantasy story to life is a considerably more challenging task. Creating a graphic novel affords the creators a much wider birth for creative freedom, and in the end, the readers will benefit tremendously from this decision. Australi has some seriously beautiful artwork, so why do something only half as good on film when you can really nail it on paper?

australi 5One of the most interesting facts that came up in conversation was the influence of Ferngully on the creative team throughout the process. I personally loved this film as a kid, and have even watched a few times in recent years. It’s one of the most alluring fantasy films ever animated. Australi draws heavily from this world, as well as from real life inspirations, such as Aboriginal culture, values, and mythology. Combine that with the continent’s unique fauna, as well as the country’s sorted history of colonization, and what you get is an amalgam of all things Australian, seen through a kaleidoscope of wild imagination.
Australia is a beautiful country, its landscapes range from endless deserts to dense rainforest, snowy mountains and ‘pirates of the Caribbean-esque shore lines.
It’s animals are some of the strangest, most dangerous and unique creatures on the planet. Australi takes these animals and places them too in a fantasy world, such as
giant flying possums.
australi 4A successful Kickstarter event will result in a hardcover first issue full of beautiful, richly nuanced artwork, and storytelling that matches in kind. One thing that sets Australi’s Kickstarter apart from other graphic novel projects is the inclusion of a detailed “behind the creative process” section included in the finished first book. This section will detail not only the team’s creative process behind Australi, but how this award-winning creative team approaches the development, and production of high-quality imaginative projects.
If Australi is successful as a graphic novel there’s potential for further adventures in this strange new magical world as a feature film series. Please help be amongst those who support this project from the ground up. Let’s enjoy this promising story on paper first, and know that one day we might see these wondrous creatures, and breathtaking adventures on the big screen!