As the summer gets hotter and sticker, my thoughts frequently turn towards the next season of The Walking Dead. I believe every season of The Walking Dead has gotten better, so I have very high expectations for Season 6. The following are a few things I’d like to see. Be forewarned, if you haven’t read the comics there will be some spoilers ahead!

Morgan, Lots More Morgan

ScreenshotWhile it’s basically a given that Moran will play a larger role in Season 6, I still have to mention how badly we need more of him in the show. He has been a fan-favorite since Season 1, which is a little strange since he’s had maybe twenty minutes of screen time in five seasons. When Rick met up with Morgan last time the poor guy had lost his son, and his psychotic break lead to an almost fatal confrontation with Rick. At the end of Season 5 Morgan arrives just in time to see Rick take justice into his own hands by killing someone who wronged his people.

Morgan has always held firmly to his pre-apocalypse morality, while Rick has long since adapted to the harsh realities of life with zombies. It will be very interesting to see Morgan, now seemingly a series regular, play off Rick’s harsh justice. It’s pretty clear that he will be Rick’s moral counterpoint, but how far will their relationship twist and bend in the struggle to survive, and keep Alexandria safe?


walking dead neegan lucilleWe all know Negan is coming. When, however, is anybody’s guess. I’d love to see him make his “appearance” at the mid-season finale. I think there’s a lot more to be done with Alexandria before Negan’s official introduction, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be brought into the fold subtly.

We could see evidence of Lucille, Negan’s trusty weapon of choice, throughout the season. Maybe some bashed in heads, or suspiciously grouped puncture wounds. I really want a scene where “someone” is talking to a bunch of people, giving a Negan-esque speech, but you don’t see him directly. As this mysterious man is speaking, you see his hand reach out for something. The camera slowly follows this until his fingers wrap around the handle of a baseball bat. As the hand slowly picks up the bat, the audience sees that it is covered in bloody, rusty spikes. Scene goes to black. See you in three months.

Is That a Tiger

ezekiel tigerThe revelation that there are several settlements linked together under the “protection” of Negan is central to the story in the comics, as it will be to the show. But before Negan officially shows up, we could begin to see a little of these other settlements. I’d like to see an episode where Michonne, and possibly a handful of others, are on a supply run when they stumble across one of these settlements, specifically The Kingdom, home to Ezekiel.

Ezekiel is the leader of The Kingdom, who happens to have a pet tiger. I for one, don’t think the tiger angle will work on the show. As a friend of mine suggested, it is the only time in the comics that the story becomes even slightly hokey. I get his point, but really have no problem with the tiger, in the comics. That said, it would just be odd on TV.

I could see the show going two ways with this; either introducing Negan first, playing him off as a small time baddie that is only after Alexandria before revealing the true scope of his ambition. Or I can see them introducing the larger world Rick and his group live in before linking them together under Negan’s thumb. Either way, I can’t wait for this part of the story to appear on screen. Just maybe without the tiger…

Someone Needs Killing

I believe that from time to time, main characters need to die. This can often be tricky, however, bringing about a precarious negative shift in fan attitude. The Walking Dead is the one show most suited to killing main characters, surviving relatively unscathed. After all, they’ve done it how many times already?

walking dead glenFor season 6 I think it’s time to kill off one of the “untouchable” characters. Forgetting the major deaths in the first couple seasons, nobody has really died that was too shocking. Dale was old, and would have eventually succumbed. Same with Hershel (albeit in a surprising fashion). Shane lost his mind, and Andrea deserved it. The only truly shocking deaths were Tyreese, and Beth, and Beth’s death was just senseless. It didn’t actually change the show that much, aside from making Darryl cry (which oh-so-many fangirls squealed over).

I think it’s time for either Glen, Maggie, or Carol to die. I really don’t want Carol to die because she’s become an amazing character, perhaps the most evolved, deeply interesting character on the show. They will never kill off Daryl because 92% of the show’s fanbase would revolt. That said, short of Glen getting his head bashed in (seriously foreshadowed in Terminus), or Maggie becoming zombie brunch, there are no other deaths that would truly shock the audience.

Killing characters for the sake of killing them, as in Beth’s case, just feels empty. I want one of the “untouchables” to die because I think it would really mark a shift in the rest of the characters’ personalities, and be a major turning point for the show by putting fans on notice that maybe, just maybe, anyone could die at any time.