With less than a week to go until the end of the world begins we’re still left with very few clues as to what Fear The Walking Dead will be about. That’s probably because it won’t really be ABOUT anything!

FTWD 2FTWD’s parent show, The Walking Dead, is and will always be about a group of survivors trying to make it through the zombie apocalypse. The focus is on the character-driven moments, and the choices characters make in an attempt to regain some normalcy in their lives. FTWD will undoubtedly follow the same structure, only from the perspective of characters trying to hold on to their lives as the world crumbles around them. This means rigid, over-arching plot will be secondary to character development, and nuanced emotional storytelling.

How Did This All Begin Anyway?

I am steadfast in my belief that the true nature of how the zombie apocalypse begun should never be revealed. We’ve heard a few radio/TV reports on the various trailers that talk about viruses, “the Flue”, and the like, but I believe this is only a tease for the fans before the show begins. I think some time will be spent with trying to pin down the origin to a virus, or experiment-gone-wrong, but in the the end the WHY isn’t nearly as important as people think. Knowing, even if the audience does and the characters never find out, would only lessen the mystique of the show, as well as the broader Walking Dead universe. Some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Is That Rick In The Background?

walking dead CDCFocusing on the early days of the “outbreak”, we can expect to see more than a few scenes from the CDC’s perspective. Interviews on TV aside, we’ll probably spend some time within the CDC as it struggles to make sense of why the “outbreak” occurred, and how best to deal with it.

I’d love to see a conversation between one of the CDC workers in California speaking with the lone survivor in Atlanta that Rick and his group met. Granted, this might take a season or two to happen as far as the overall timeline goes, but I still want this to take place.  Imagine a scene where the Doctor in Atlanta was lying to Rick and the group when the arrived, and was actually in communication with other CDC facilities, even if it was limited. I’d love to see the Doctor talking to someone when you hear Rick in the background! That’s it, nothing more, just a little linkage to TWD.

It’s The Same, But Different!

Fear The Walking Dead is going to be just like the original in that it will focus on a group of survivors trying to make it through a terrible scenario. In many ways FTWD will inevitably be compared to TWD in it’s similarity of plot, and narrative. The only real difference between the two shows will be the time frame in which they take place. What FTWD needs to do is not try and be too different. So long as the characters are compelling, and the ensuing drama can be easily felt by the audience, I think FTWD will succeed. I only hope that the earlier time frame, along with what I think will be a bit of a feint on the part of the writers regarding the zombies’ origin, won’t turn people off.

In any event, The Walking Dead is the most watched show every week it airs, so I think we’re going to see some monster viewership numbers for Fear The Walking Dead. I can’t imagine a single TWD fan not tuning in. Let’s only hope FTWD can sustain the magnitude of fanaticism the original has garnered, and maybe, just maybe, become a mega-hit in its own right.