Alien: Isolation has me curious about revisiting the world of horror video games, a facet of gaming I’ve never found too appealing. I’ve poked around at games like Silent Hill and Dead Space, but I knew in my heart before I ever pressed play that they wouldn’t hold my interest. And they didn’t.

That said, Alien: Isolation has completely captured my attention!

It doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love the Alien franchise, but there’s definitely something more about this game that has me considering dropping coin on it. My twin loves of science fiction and horror do occasionally collide, and with the Alien franchise this is pretty much as good as it gets. So from what early info suggests will actually be a good game in the Alien franchise, the hair on the back of my neck is standing straight up in anticipation, and it feels spectacular.

Atmosphere, intensity, and desperation, are the three words I think best describe what made the horror of Alien so tangible. Forget that when it came out nothing like it had ever been seen before, because even today the movie feels no less frightening. So it’s pretty great to see a game actually appear to capture these qualities.

The gameplay footage below hints at the team behind Alien: Isolation understanding exactly what made the original movie so groundbreaking, capitalizing on what has captivated audiences for 35 years. Perhaps it’s too intangible to even describe, and attempting to do so trivializes and reduces the movie’s perfection, but whatever it is, it looks like this game has it!

image source: [forbes]