Lighting really doesn’t strike the same place twice.  Or at least it rarely does.  As it relates to Anchorman 2, the flash fizzled out before it even hit the ground.  For me, this one missed the mark completely.  Anchorman 2 is a prime example of a sequel that comes uncomfortably close to tarnishing all that was good with the first.  I’d have warned against spoilers in the title, but if you’ve seen the first movie, you’ve seen the sequel.

I won’t deny that there weren’t laugh-out-loud moments, but most of the film was chuckle-worthy at best.  Following a familiar formula not that different from the first movie, Anchorman 2 manages to feel stale with material that was so damn hilarious the first time around.  The characters are rigid and just not well-written, and their idiosyncrasies have been so exaggerated that they just become tired.

For most of the movie I felt as though the times I laughed were almost more out of respect for how funny the jokes were when I first saw them in the original.  All the gags here felt completely contrived.  The new characters were just bland versions of old ones, and the plot got so ludicrous at times that it actually broke the continuity of the film.  Much of the audience remained silent during these awkward scenes, and even the collective chuckling of the crowd never got that loud.  There was just nothing new that garnered a genuine reaction from anyone.  It was almost sad.

I know I mentioned the plot, but please don’t think I expected any high drama or tightly woven narratives.  But there’s a point where you can’t just rearrange material from the first movie, slap some newish paint on it, and expect to strike gold a second time.  It almost felt like a caricature of the first film, but a poorly done one that scarcely resembled the cleverness and fun I was expecting.  Even the shocking cameos were uninspired.  In short, it just wasn’t worth the hope I placed in it.  Honestly, save your money for the Hunger Games and Hobbit sequels, and wait till this flop lands on Netflix.

image source: [rawstory]