It seems completely absurd now that I was ever skeptical of how Agents of SHIELD would turn out.  It has nothing to do with any doubts regarding Joss Whedon, because, do I really even need to go there?  No, I don’t.  He’s unarguably brilliant.  So I can’t quite put my finger on what I was so standoffish about.  But after the first three episodes I’m glad to see that my unfounded worries were exactly that.  Agents of SHIELD really is must watch!

flying-car-agents-of-shield.pngThree episodes in, and at what seems to be the completion of the “outsider integrated to the team” arc, I find myself already emotionally invested in the characters.  The cast is well put together, allowing each character to come to life in a very organic way.  They all fit a perfect niche on the team, and they are written to really bring those aspects to life.

From clever Whedon-esque dialogue, to well-paced writing overall, Agents of SHIELD is something I seriously look forward to every week.  While I don’t know if it will reach a storytelling level anyone would call “cutting edge”, I don’t discredit the show for aiming for Fun over Art.  It’s an enjoyable show that should be taken only as seriously as it appears.

With nearly limitless source material, and what appears to be an adept team producing the show, I can see Agents of SHIELD becoming a staple on a lot of fans’ viewing schedules for years to come.  And with the recent announcement of an extended order of episodes, bringing the season total to 22, it looks like there is confidence behinds the scene as well!

image source: [blastr] [businessinsider]