After The Gold Rush issue #2 continues the story of Scout’s return to Earth. Generations after humanity left Earth, those who remained have abandoned scientific inquiry.  After returning, Scout is alone in a world of superstition with only her joyous sense of scientific skepticism to guide her. As she begins to explore this strange world she is attacked by locals, and finds help in one of the primitive people now inhabiting her ancestral home.

Science, Skepticism, & Scout

After The Gold Rush #2Scout’s skepticism is the driving force of her personality. It is simply how she views the world. Her wonder of the natural world is made even greater by her ability to understand it through technology and science. But when she encounters beliefs that don’t fit her scientific understanding she does not balk, she tries to understand.

When a kind man helps her after she is attacked by primitives, she questions the nature of her carer’s methods, and beliefs. But Scout’s sense of awe at experiencing scientific illiteracy does not give her an elitist complex. Quite the opposite. She returns the favor of medical assistance–albeit primitive and worthless–by providing true medicine to the man who helped her. This message of kindness through understanding feels central to this book.

What’s Next For Scout, And After The Gold Rush

After The Gold Rush #2Scout’s story is still young but I have a sense of foreboding about her journey. Her positive outlook, coupled with her unwavering critical analysis, will inevitably cause friction with the people of this world. From what we’ve seen they are a superstitious, frightened people who view anything they don’t understand as threatening. Not unlike the world we live in today. As such I fear for her safety. But the message of After The Gold Rush is inherently a positive one, or at least, a positive view of humanity when scientific inquiry replaces superstition, even if surrounded by the dangers of ignorance.

After The Gold Rush continues to be a book I eagerly look forward to, and proudly support during each Kickstarter campaign. It’s positive scientific message, coupled with thoughtful writing, and bright, inviting artwork, is truly worth every penny. Issue #3 should see a Kickstarter this summer. You can pick up issues #1 and #2 here, and get a sneak peak at other upcoming projects, including Clovis, a story of loss and hope in prehistoric times!