Galaxy of Terror is a movie I’ve long wanted to see.  Mainly because Sid Haig is one of my favorite “B” actors of all time, but also because it is spoken fondly of in the horror/scifi community.  The rest of the cast is solid, with some guy that looks and sounds just like Tom Sellick’s less awesome brother.  I call him “Rob” Sellick.  When you include “Captain Spaulding” with “Tom Sellick-lite”, “my favorite martian”, and “Freddy krueger”, you can’t ask for better character acting!

galaxy5A movie that, if it had a few more dollars in the budget, could have held up to any move of its time, and for the most part actually does.  The plot is standard and familiar, but I have to assume this was an attempt at cloning Alien for some “riding the bandwagon success”.  It’s genuinely a good movie, but it occasionally plods a bit too much and is generally predictable aside from several genuinely surprising moments.  It really ramps up towards the end with some well executed and creative stuff, so it does pay off.  The film is made well enough that its faults can be overlooked because effort was clearly made to get the right look and feel.  And when watching a lot of films like this, I’m often satisfied with that so long as there’s feasible weaponry and semi-logical bad guys.

Galaxy of Terror is a movie that every horror/scifi geek should see.  It’s not for casual fans, which, to be honest, wouldn’t still be reading this far in anyway.  It’s a very good horror/scifi classic that delivers exactly what you expect with a few appreciated twists.   Oh and I confirmed my longstanding theory that Sid Haig is the most intimidating human being ever captured on film!

image source: [dvdactive