The barren wasteland between Doctor Who seasons would be insufferable if it weren’t for the thing most Whovians love almost as much as the show itself. Of course I’m talking about speculation, hopes, and fears for the next season. There will be drips and drabs of production leaks, casting news, and story details, and those will all fuel the passion of Whovians for good as well as bad. But the best part is coming up with a list of things we’d like to see, and that’s what I’ve done today. I present my list of things I want to see in Season 9.


The 11th Doctor saved Gallifrey… kinda. Technically. Hey, the 4th Doc… er, the Curator said so himself, right? The destruction of the Time Lords was a marvelous twist in the mythology of Doctor Who, and a watershed experience for the character of the Doctor. And it has run it’s course. It defined the Doctor as we’ve known him in the last ten years, and it has given us some great moments gazing into the Doctor’s psyche, but now it’s time to bring Gallifrey, and the Time Lords, back into the show. Without going into the endless wonderful storytelling opportunities, suffice to say, it’s time. Do it. It can be done gradually, and even left as a cliffhanger into Series 10, but just set things in motion already!

The Corsair

Screenshot_58With irrefutable proof that at least some Time Lords can, and are returning, I think it’s time we see one of the Doctor’s friends show up. I really think we’re going to see another Time Lord show up in season 9, and while I’d love it to be the Rani (female or male?), whoever it is, I think they’ll be bad. I think we’re going to see a few bad Time Lords return as a great plot device to torment the Doctor. His people are returning, but only the bad ones? Ugh, poor Doctor. So why not at some point throw the Doctor a bone by finally introducing us to the Corsair. Mentioned in The Doctor’s Wife, The Corsair was an old friend of the Doctor’s, and one of the “good ones”. I think it’s time he or she arrives to bolster the Doctor’s ranks for the coming storm.

Captain Jack

And in that coming storm the Doctor is going to need allies. Who better to help in such a battle than the incomparable Captain Jack Harkness? It’s been long enough. Bring Jack back! Having never met the 11th Doctor, I think it would be a great re-introduction of the character to have John Barrowman play off Peter Capaldi’s older, crankier Doctor. Bringing back Jack would fit nicely into the darker tones and themes touched on in Season 8. Jack’s a ball of darkness, so he’s the perfect character. Heck, maybe he becomes integral in what happens with the Time Lords’ return. Perhaps that story is what sets him on the path to becoming the Face of Boe? Just imagine that!

Old Companions

Screenshot_66Jamie, Ace, Teegan, Nyssa, Leela, heck even Mel. That’s just a partial list of Classic Who companions who could easily be brought back into the fold? Why? Because it’s Doctor Who, that’s why. I’m not saying any of them need to come back permanently, but imagine a two-part episode where a few of them come back for some crazy reason. And even if it doesn’t go that far, why not bring one or two back for a short trip? They certainly deserve the chance to reprise their roles, and for most of them, they’ve been continuing their voyages with their Doctor for years in the audio dramas which recently became official canon!

New Companions

I happen to love the idea of Clara staying on for another season. She’s become quite an interesting character in her own right, standing equal at the Doctor shoulder, but it’s time to bring someone else aboard. I really hope we see a new companion joining the TARDIS team in season 9 because there’s only so far a duo can go as far as storytelling. A third companion really shakes up the normal balance, giving the Doctor someone else to worry about, the viewers someone to be unsure of in the face of the Doctor and Clara’s relationship, and allows for a whole host of storytelling possibilities. Maybe the Doctor and Clara stumble upon some info about the Time Lords, and this new person holds that info… who knows?

No Cybermen

I love the Cybermen. Or, more accurately, I love what the Cybermen could be. But, alas, they’ve become nothing more than a convenient plot device to build a story around when a quick, easy, no-frills enemy is needed to fill the gaps. The two-part series 8 finale was great, but it just emphasized that it might be time for the Cybermen to be deleted for a little while. I thought the way they were re-imagined in the last few seasons was better than how they were treated in the previous seasons since the revival (and even then, I’m not as down on them as some fans are). But the time has come to shelve them for a while. Maybe bring them back when the writers (Moffat, or whoever is helming the show at the time) decide its worth a trip back to Mondas.

The Dream Lord

Screenshot_64There are a number of underutilized one-off characters in Doctor Who, especially since its revival. Of them all I think the Dream Lord holds the greatest potential for being brought back and expounded upon. The only theory I have as to who he might be is that he’s the Rani. Hold on, here me out… What we know of the Rani is that she was all about experimentation at all costs, cold and calculating. Of course, it’s probably not the Rani, but I’ll tell you what, the explanation the Doctor gives isn’t exactly too truthy-wuthy either. Especially since it’s basically refuted at the very end of the episode. So whatever the truth, I think it’d be great to see the Doctor, and Clara take on the Dream Lord.

In Conclusion

I could probably make a list so long it would slow time just reading it, so I mentioned only the things I’d like to see the most in season 9. What I really hope for is Doctor Who to continue being darker, more mature, and in line with the danger, and unpredictability of Classic Who. I think Moffat has managed to correct the course of the show, moving it in a direction that is something I’ve wanted for a long while. Hopefully Season 9 will bring more surprises, more complexity, and more fun. Really, that’s all I could ever ask for!