You don’t have to be a fan of science fiction or fantasy, a lover of tech or a geek to appreciate this next thing we have for you today.  I remember as a child battling it out with G.I. Joes, DinoBots, green army man, and other character in the sand box.  Glorious battles like Operation Cat Turd or The War of the Weeds, battles that will echo through the halls of history.  Unwavering loyalty was given by the troops in the face of danger, which was generally the sun and a magnifying glass, deeds where done and blood was spilled across the sands.  Many times I wondered what it might be like to be one of these little hero’s.  But alas I had neither the technology or the money at that time, I was 9.  But now, you can take part in these great battles of imagination. The website Thats My Face allows this to become a reality!