It would be in your best interest to join Netflix for a month just to see these movies. Technically speaking you could actually join for free for a month and then cancel your subscription, in turn not costing you anything. But in actuality there are so many hidden gems to stream of Netflix that its well worth the $7.99 a month.

Here are five sci-fi gems that are well worth the time and make for a very enjoyable movie experience.

1. Alphaville (1965), Jean-Luc Godard.
Yes this movie is French and it is from the 1960’s and has nothing to do with Vietnam. An American secret agent goes to a city on a far away planet to find a missing person and free the city from the clutches of an evil scientist.
With an opening narration such as this, “Sometimes …reality is too complex for oral communication. But legend embodies it in a form which enables it to spread all over the world. It was 24.17 Oceanic Time …when I approached the suburbs of Alphaville”, one must simply watch.

2. Metropolis (1927), Fritz Lang
There are a few different versions of this movie on Netflix. The one that you want to watch is the one that was reconstructed and released in 2002. Upon its original release in 1927 the film was heavily edited down to a much shorter form. This made to the movie lose all continuity and frankly made it unwatchable.
In this film the upper-class live worry free and have no need to work, relying one hundred percent on the working class. A utopia in the minds of the “City Planners”. One man, however, gives it all up and moves underground. Hey its got a beautiful woman and some revolution in it. And oh yea, its a silent film.

3. Avalon (2001), Mamoru Oshii
Some may say this movie is a rip off of The Matrix. I can see the connections. But unlike The Matrix this movie will not insult your intelligence. Plus you do not have to wear tight black leather, or sunglasses, in really dark places.
The great thing about this movie is that it could actually happen in our future. People have become addicted to a war simulation game, “Avalon”. And hey, who wouldn’t want the chance to win a whole lot of money and shoot big shiny weapons at things! A women, Ash, is a super warrior and a loner in the game of Avalon. But with the rumor of a new secret level in the game she decides to join up with some other players. I just wonder at the end…what happened to her dog?

4. Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), Jimmy T. Murakami
Yes, this movie lives in the shadow of Star Wars. But what the hell, if a movie has a space ship in it connections are always drawn to Star Wars or Star Trek anyway. And so what if it has a 5.1 on IMDB, half the people on that site do not know what they are talking about anyhow.
A planet is attacked by an evil spaceman and given time to surrender. The planets greatest hero, the only guy who can pilot a ship, sets off on a quest to gather a resistance force. Along the way you get to meet Space Cowboy, whose belt dispenses ice, water and scotch. That is awesome!

5. Lunopolis (2009), Matthew Avant
Caution! This movie will make you think, which is part of the reason why it is so good and why it would never make it mainstream! Lunopolis really shows what a film maker can do when they do not have to work under the control of Hollywood movie executives. The result is a wonderful journey in conspiracy theory.
The Church of Lunology protects the moon’s greatest secret and will keep it safe by any means necessary. Two documentary film makers stumble upon this secret after a strange call comes into a radio station and a photo album shows up shortly there after. The premise makes for an enjoyable movie experience. And the next time you look at the moon you will feel a little itch in your brain and wonder.

Of all of the people that I know that have watched these movies not a single one has said they are bad. On the contrary, they have all said they are amazing movies that make you use your brain. Which is quite refreshing with the current state of mainstream cinema. I encourage you to check these out.