MMOs will typically have tons of pets that can be obtained, adding another dynamic to the game. These pets will often have some sort of use, whether it be simply cosmetic, or having them act as a mount. Some games may even have a pet fighting system, such as World of Warcraft. With thousands of pets out there, here are the top five coolest MMO pets that can be obtained.

Core Hound

corehound_pup_rltThe Core Hound is one of the coolest pets ever introduced in a game, and it can be found in World of Warcraft. The Core Hound requires a special skill to obtain, as only hunters are able to tame them. They weren’t originally created to be controlled by players but were just beasts that you could fight, but hunters were given a pet taming ability that has enabled them to train these awesome pets and use them in combat. There are several different variations of this pet, found in either red, blue, green, or purple. One of the Core Hounds that you can obtain is actually a boss in a raid that any hunter can tame, so have at it!

Devil Cat

Runescape is a very simple game, so it doesn’t have a major pet system. However, paying players have the ability to obtain a pet if they complete the right quest that gives them a cat. The fun doesn’t stop there, as these cats can be transformed into devil cats when fed mice. This makes them red with small horns, and they follow your character around in the game. As there aren’t very many other obtainable pets, this makes cats exclusive, and the Devil Cat made even more rare.


Some may argue that MineCraft isn’t an MMO because it can be played offline as well, but it is considered one on this list because it is capable of being an MMO and is often played as one. There are only a few pets you can get in this game, and the coolest may be the Snowmen. These pets aren’t controllable, but they will stay in the area that you create for them. They are mainly used as security guards. Whenever an enemy comes close, they begin firing snowballs at enemies. These don’t deal any damage, but they knock enemies back, which can force them to fall into traps or make them easy prey for you to take out.


Mages are able to tame Elementals using their magic in Everquest II. These pets look threatening and are rather large, and they can come in four different elements. Water, air, fire, and earth are all choices when you want to obtain an Elemental for yourself. They will fight by your side and will help you destroy your enemies with ease. Nobody wants to mess with a mage that has a giant Elemental hovering over their shoulder.

Cinder Kitten

cinder_kitten_charity_pet3World of Warcraft has one more pet on this list, and it’s not even the pet itself that makes it so cool. WoW had a fundraiser for hurricane relief when they released the Cinder Kitten for sale on servers. Every cent they earned from sales of the pet went to fund victims that had been hit by recent natural disasters. As for the Cinder Kitten itself, it’s a little adorable kitten that has small flames all over it’s body, making it a combination of cute for the girl players and yet cool for the guys.

These are the top five coolest MMO pets out there. Head into any of these MMOs and get one of these amazing creatures for yourself! To get a full collection of pets from these games, check out various gaming websites.


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