It seems like the more our 3-D printing technology advances so do the plans to once again send Humanity into space, and to other worlds.  With several companies putting together plans to use 3-D printers more advanced than we have now to build mining operations on asteroids and bases on the moon, it looks very likely that 3-D printing is the technology that will help Humanity take the next great leap.
asteroidAnd why stop at the moon, or asteroids?  With plans underway to send people to Mars we may already be laying the foundation to build structures on the red planet in advance of our astronauts, waiting for our brave explorers to settle right in and make a new home.  

We may even be on the path to cheaper, relatively quick-to-build spaceships.  Not having to launch who knows how many rockets with massive payloads into orbit, to a shipyard which would have needed to be brought up piece by piece in the same fashion, 3-D printing may solve many of our logistical problems involving space exploration.  

Now if we can just figure out artificial gravity!

 image source:  [dvice] [businessinsider]