As we settle into 2014, there are a few items that seem like good bets to stock up on for the future.  No, I don’t mean toilet paper, duct tape, or bottled water.  I’m talking about popular items that are suffering from dwindling supply.  Items that just may fetch a high price in back alley deals on some seedy hive world in the near future.  These are the items you should rent a storage bin for and grab your share of the remaining supply!

Incandescent Light Bulbs

As of January 1st, 2014, no more incandescent light bulbs will every be manufactured in, or imported into the US.  That’s right, the ubiquitous ‘bulb-n-filament’ light bulbs we’ve grown used to over the last hundred years or so are a dead technology.  Due to efficiency standards more than anything else, the days of the humble light bulb, once the symbol of bright ideas, and savior of crackheads, has come to an end.  It’s hard to even imagine if these old bulbs would be worth money on a secondary market, but I feel like buying a few cases of these relics might net you a pretty penny somewhere down the road.

Sriracha Sauce

Bottles-of-Huy-Fong-brand-Sriracha-chili-sauce-are-seen-for-sale-at-a-grocery-store-AFPThe delicious, lava-red, spicy-yet-tasty “rooster sauce” took the world by storm in 2013.  It had its own chips, its own fanatics, and its own controversy.  Yup, thanks to some prissy jerks who don’t relish the savory aroma hot sauce in the morning, the Sriracha plant had to close for renovations that would mask the “smell” in the future.  Because of this, manufacturing has stopped, if only briefly.  But You might as well stock up on some now and see if you can make some cash off the valuable condiment.  If anything, just but it up when you see it and give it to those who can’t live without it!

Cards Against Humanity

cards-against-humanity2-630x350By now everyone has at least heard of this game.  And if you’ve ever played it, consider yourself privileged.  While its an unabashed rip-off of the game Apples To Apples, this version took a simple mechanic, gave it a dirty, dirty adult mind, and has become THE must have game of the season.  It’s so popular it’s had four expansions, as well as a slew of special edition releases.  I was lucky enough to pick one up over a month ago, when a sealed box of the core game was relatively cheap, but since Christmas, the price has skyrocketed on some sites due to what I’ve tenuously gathered as a supply shortage.  If you can find these things for cheap anywhere, get one, or two, or more.  I have a feeling this game is going to just go up in price over the long haul as it becomes a serious collectors item!

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