Look, I’m not saying you’re going to die, like right now. I mean we’re all gonna die someday right?

But in the mean time…..

I truly can’t believe this, and I have been a connoisseur of beers for quite a while now.

I drink most kinds of beer and readily recognize ingredient flavors; I travel to NYC often to find, taste, and personally rate new beers ALL the time; I even MAKE my own beer from time to time, and I’ve gotten some great reviews from friends and family.

But this…. This list of beers makes me think I still have a LONG way to go.

Follow the link below to find a list of 13 truly unique and unheard of beers.

I’d like to note the Old Bay Seasoning Beer for fellow Geek Trench writers Mike, Ryan, and Steve, and the Mama Mia! Pizza Beer is certainly something I must try in the future.

Are they all going to be great? Certainly not. Are they all worth a try? You bet your frothy bubbly delicious goodness they are!

Drink Up!

13 Beers that make you go, hmmmm?

Image Source: [MammaMia]