Although I enjoy many fantastic television series, the one that I hold in the highest regard is Deadwood.  From its impeccable set and costume design, to its expertly crafted stories, to the most mesmerizing dialogue ever written, HBO not only broke the mold with Deadwood, but it gave us what I consider the most complete and perfect series of all time.

Deadwood shifts from heart-pounding to heart-wrenching with effortless grace.  With characters deeper and more complex than some other series’ entire story arch, Deadwood is nothing short of captivating from the opening credits to the screen going black.  It is one of those shows that completely pulls you in until time stands still around you.  It is simply a privilege to watch.

Ending rather unceremoniously, and right in the middle of a major plot development, fans never had any resolution.  It is a wound still open and sore to this day.  When I catch an episode–or more recently, a marathon–there is no other option as to what I’m going to watch.  Why would I watch anything else but the most gorgeous and alluring show ever made?

I can’t believe it has only been 10 years since it first graced my TV.  Its cancellation was so traumatizing for me that it seems like many more years have passed since it began.  Having seen every episode countless times, the prospect of seeing anything new related to the show is almost too much to handle.  The following half-hour documentary looks back on the show, digging up fond memories and emotions.  Please enjoy this touching look back.
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